Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fed Up With Wall Street? New Book Reveals Safe And Lucrative Investment Alternatives

Summary: “Unlimited Investing with a Self-Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k): Break Free From Wall Street to Build Real Wealth with Alternative Investments” teaches investors safe and effective ways to build and protect their wealth.

DENVER, March 17, 2009 – With investors fed up with corporate greed, corrupt financial institutions and risk-laden Wall Street investments, now more than ever investors are looking for strategic ways to accumulate, grow and preserve their wealth outside of Wall Street. “Unlimited Investing with a Self Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401k: Break Free From Wall Street to Build Real Wealth with Alternative Investments,” enables average investors to start learning how to identify safe, alternative places for their money so they can achieve financial freedom and financial security. The book is co-authored by the world’s leading self-directed investing expert, Jeff Nabers, and real estate and financial author, Phoebe Chongchua. Download the first chapter at http://www.UnlimitedInvesting.com

Nabers says that unlimited retirement accounts have been used to invest in alternative assets for decades, but few investors take advantage of these opportunities because of a lack of awareness. “Until recently, everyone thought the road to riches was paved with stocks and bonds. But today we know this isn’t true. Investors can no longer depend on untrustworthy financial institutions and greedy Wall Street executives to secure their financial future for them,” says Nabers. “Instead, this book will teach investors how to convert their shrinking mutual fund portfolios into solid portfolios of real assets.”

Unlimited Investing includes everything an investor needs to know about protecting and growing wealth in today’s uncertain terrain, including:

• How to profit from the decline of the dollar
• How to recession-proof your investments
• How to get your assets in your hands and stop risking them with untrustworthy financial institutions
• Understanding your Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) investment structures’ options
• How to avoid large or unnecessary fees and expenses

“Anyone who has ever wanted to invest in real estate, gold and silver, private equities, private debt instruments and international investments will benefit from the practical advice and rare information available in this book,” says Chongchua. “It’s time for investors to wake up and explore the investment opportunities that await them outside of Wall Street. They’ll be glad they did.”

Nabers says he believes average and sophisticated investors alike can benefit from his years of knowledge. “I’ve dedicated six years of my life to learning everything possible about self-directed investing and am making all this information available for public consumption for the first time ever with the release of Unlimited Investing,” says Nabers.

“Unlimited Investing” can be pre-ordered directly at http://www.UnlimitedInvesting.com


Jeff Nabers is a nationally recognized educator, speaker, and consultant specializing in the topic of investing with Self-Directed IRA & 401(k) plans. He is the founding member and chairman of IRA Association of America, the industry’s only non-profit trade association. Jeff is also CEO of Nabers Group, a full-service self-directed retirement plan provider. Years ago, as a real estate investor and owner of a mortgage lending company, Jeff set out to learn the ins and outs of using a Self-Directed IRA. It turned out to be a long and strenuous process. Jeff found himself traveling all over the country to pick up bits and pieces of useful information from dozens of sources. Unlimited Investing is a compilation of the fruit of Jeff’s research combined with the experienced perspective from Jeff’s participation in thousands of transactions involving both alternative assets and retirement plan funds.

Phoebe Chongchua has a 20-year background in journalism, marketing, and customer service. She specializes in real estate writing and her work is featured in Donald Trump's book "The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received," and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Buying Foreclosures.” She is the author of “If the Trash Stinks: TAKE IT OUT! 14 Worriless Principles For Your Success.” Phoebe began her career in TV as an anchor and news reporter for ABC News in San Diego, California. She holds a real estate license in California and continues to write and educate consumers on real estate and financial issues in various columns and publications online and in print. She is a columnist for Realty Times, Bizymoms Expert on Real Estate, and the publisher of Live Fit Magazine. After writing several articles on the topic of alternative asset investment vehicles, she realized how little the average consumer understands this highly powerful method of investing. Catalyzed to improve awareness, Phoebe’s research dug deeper, and the helpful findings are presented in this book.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jeff Nabers Comments On Types Of Investments Allowed In A Solo 401k Plan

In addition to saving money in a tax favored account, a Self Directed Solo 401k enables you to invest in virtually anything. Unknown to most people, retirement accounts and stock market investments do not have to go hand in hand. While the stock market only represents a small fraction of the investment opportunities out there, the Self Directed Solo 401k taps into those possibilities. Here’s a partial list of potential investments:

Precious Metals

Gold, silver, and platinum coins

Precious metals can offer a secure way to ensure wealth preservation. Gold has been used directly as money for the vast majority of human history. Own the only asset that has been time tested for thousands of years.

Real Estate

Cash purchased or leveraged, residential, commercial, land, options, tenants in common, mortgage notes, trust deeds, domestic or foreign

Owning real assets can be a predictable and understandable way to protect and grow wealth.

Private Companiesprivate company

Stock in corporations, membership units in LLCs, promissory notes, private placements memorandums, hedge funds, domestic or foreign, revenue participation agreements

Invest in the startup or expansion of private companies… others’ or your own.


Foreign bank accounts
While you are probably familiar with holding the U.S. Dollar as a liquid asset in a U.S. bank account, today’s inflationary dollar policies create a strong incentive to hold liquid reserves in foreign banks denominated in a foreign currency that is likely to be more stable than the dollar.

Foreign stock markets
The crash of the American economy doesn’t have to leave you moping around waiting for it to be rebuilt. Take a look at the vibrant economies of other countries. Your Solo 401k can invest directly into stock markets in other countries.

American stock market - Expanded options
With our Self Directed Solo 401k, you can buy and sell options, trade on margin, sell stocks short, and invest in many stocks and funds that are usually unavailable to conventional IRA and 401k accounts.

What is and isn’t allowed

The only specific assets that aren’t allowed are collectibles and precious metal bullion. Rather than list allowable investments, the law names what is disallowed.

In addition to the 2 disallowed investments, “prohibited transactions” are not allowed. These are generally transactions that involve or benefit yourself or your family - outside of taxable distributions from your retirement account.

While there are flawed theories that attempt to convince Joe the Plumber to use the stock market as his sole source of investment opportunities, actual data suggests that across the globe the two leading sources of wealth are real estate and business ownership. Annual wealth reports also often dictate that the wealthy enjoy returns from their private investments far superior to their returns from publicly traded securities.

A winning investment strategy simply isn't likely with a severely restricted investment platform. With a Self Directed Solo 401k, you can enjoy unlimited possibilities.

About Jeff Naber and His Group

Jeff Nabers is the pioneer of the small business retirement account plans. Before Jeff Nabers began working with the systems of the IRA LLC and Solo 401(k), it was very difficult to start a small business retirement plan in any sector. Even when possible, most of the plans did not have tax savings benefits. There were many legal issues as well.

Nabers was initially a Mortgage Banker and worked with those types of investors. By observing these investment strategies and instruments, Nabers began his own research and finally found a way for the small business and entrepreneur to take advantage of these opportunities. Nabers did his homework too making sure the whole process is entirely legal.

To provide help to the client, he launched his own firm; the "Nabers Group". The Nabers Group is the world's only full service, Self Directed Plan Provider. This company basically works as an advisory service. They provide information and advice to the small business investor. Their primary service is setting up and preparing UNLIMITED RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS. This is also a very good option for the new retiree that needs to roll-over his/her 401(k).

Another reason the LLC IRA and Solo 401(k) is so beneficial is raw flexibility. These plans may include real estate, mortgage notes, private stock, debt instruments, foreign assets and even margin brokerage accounts. Nabors Group runs their program on two special platforms; the "Solo 401(k) and IRA LLC". Those are proven and applied successfully and specifically for Jeff Nabers.

In recent years, real estate business was hot but now there are more legal issues. People are interested in investing but don't have the specific legal knowledge required to wrap it into an IRA. Nabers's group is helping many small business owners to gain control of their IRA LLC by gaining "checkbook control".

Without a custodian, the investor can not directly handle their IRA; it is illegal. However, if a third party to provide payment to the IRA, and also allows a third party; someone who may have additional insight or expertise concerning your IRA, it becomes legal. Nabers's Group created a special IRA LLC just for a purpose.

The account owner directs the custodian to purchase and fund the LLC, which is managed by the IRA owner. Its' result is that the account owner now has an allowable way to transact business on a Limited Liability level without needing to involve the custodian. As mentioned above, let's look for a moment at the Solo 401(k).

The Solo 401(k) is the newest and most exciting retirement plan to be offered to the self-employed. New tax code, Economic Growth and the Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) provides a significant advantage to the small business entrepreneur where the owner is the only employee. These self employed business owners can now have a pre-tax savings benefit after retirement.

The Nabers's Group has a special service for the Solo 401(k) plan. They help to setup bank trust accounts and execute incoming transfers from existing funds. They also assist to help more than nine financial sectors such as * Basic Plan Document* Adoption Agreement* EGTRRA Amendment* Summary Plan Description* Trust Agreement* Roth Provisional Amendment* RMD Model Amendment* 401(k) Final Regulations Amendment* Up to 5 Transfer Request Forms for incoming funds transfers. The value of this service is obviously unquestionable. The Nabers Group always strives to support the investor in reaching their beneficial goal. For this reason, they have now become one of the top investment advisors in America.

Jeff Nabers :: Jeff-Nabers

Jeff Nabers is a pioneer in serving the retirement needs of both the self employed real estate investors. He is CEO of the "Nabors Group" & Founding member of the "IRA Association of America". He has gained fame for his new thinking of business independence and the new era of self employment. He is a successful business man himself and now wants to share his knowledge and good fortune with others. In fact this is the core reason for the emergence of the "Nabors Group".

Jeff Nabors
Jeff Nabors of Nabors Group

Before starting the "Nabors Group", Jeff was a mortgage banker. He was always coming across a book about Self Directed IRAs. At that time, most of his clients were investing in real estate in one way or another; about 20% or more. But many of them complained that they lost money in their 401(k) and/or IRA. At that time, he was starting to collect information by researching their situation and the possibility of adding real estate and other private investments to their retirement accounts.

Mr. Nabers found that there are many companies that teach investment strategy, but when they applied the theories in practice, many problems ensued with no practical answer. To gather further information to these problems, Jeff flew across the nation interviewing every Self Directed IRA expert that he could find. At last he found that they were very knowledgeable but in a compartmentalized fashion. In other words, they were very knowledgeable in specific areas of self directed IRAs but none of the experts had really communicated with one another to share information and strategies. Jeff now knew that he must pull all the strategies together to blend, if you will, a more whole and purposeful offering.

After integrating all information serially, he finally realized that he had a full understanding of Self Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)'s. Mr. Nabers began consulting individual investors to help them put more thought and diligence into their investment planning. Jeff's success in this area, or should I say, his clients' portfolio success led them to request that he produce a radio show about these investments so that even more people benefit by this knowledge and expertise.

Jeff Nabers did start his own radio show which is broadcast weekly. He also started broadcasting over the internet. Jeff's sole purpose of his doing this was to help individuals to know the best use self directed retirement accounts effectively and safely. For this reason he uses radio and internet to broadcast the updated news, additional newsletters and software and has become a household name among the self employed and the small business owner alike.